Income Tax Preparation

Income tax preparation is the cornerstone of Ty Associates’ Existence. Over the years we have helped thousands of people receive millions of dollars in tax refunds.

Our approach to income tax preparation is to make every attempt to produce the win/win scenario for both client and company.

Our total dedication to the exclusive use of the phone, fax, internet & mail allows us to get the maximum from the minimum..

Among the income tax preparation services we offer are:


This service has proven itself valuable for just about every client’s need in relation to speed, convenience, no out-of-pocket expenses, direct deposit. To learn more about all of the electronic filing options please click-on the tax info page within this website and educate yourself and others for now or in the future.


At no extra charge to our existing clients we offer this service to help avoid potential pitfalls that may lead to a disappointing tax return the very next year. Even after April 15th, we make ourselves available to you and your family to answer any financial questions that you may have.


In the event that Ty Associates prepares your income taxes and it is audited for errors and omissions on behalf of Ty Associates we will work to correct the situation and/or pay any penalties and interest resulting from the situation.


To help you and your family get out of a bad situation or that keeps you on the right track. Ty Associates proudly boasts the most knowledgeable group of clients in the history of taxation.