About us

Ty Associates is a New York based financial services firm. Ty Associates was created as a direct result of years of experience and is the culmination of a dream.

Much of yourself goes into any entity that you believe in, of course, Ty Associates is no different. Ty (pronounce “tie”) are my initials, for Troy Youngblood and Associates are all of the people who have acted in the best interest of Ty Associates.

Presently, Ty Associates has a national clientele that reaches from coast-to-coast. Some of the principles of business which serve as our foundation are

  • Managing the M.E.T.S.
  • Quality customer services
  • Client Appreciation.

Managing the M.E.T.S., contrary to what this may imply, has nothing to do with baseball, but it’s an acronym that stands for Money, Energy, Time & Space. In life, as in business the victory goes to those who display mastery over these elements to maximize any situation.

As you may have noticed, our slogun is “tying it all together” this is to inform you that we are not just a financial services firm. Our goals are to weave or tie into all aspects of life. Necessity is the mother of invention.