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Refund Planning
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Ty Associates, provides amended returns, part-year residents, non-residents, refund planning, and mortgage consultations. There are no personal appointments. We work exclusively via phone, email, and mail which allows for us to get the maximum from the minimum in terms of Money, Energy, Time, and Space (M.E.T.S.) This allows us to efficiently execute our 50-state strategy of preparing taxes in every state and Washington, DC. 

It is in your best interest to know, the four states that offer no statewide sales tax, they are: Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. You should also know, the eight states that offer no state income taxes. They are: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, Therefore, if you visit or plan to move to different states around the country this knowledge can help you make the best decision for yourself and family. Knowledge is power!


We offer $250 for new client referrals!

Our Primary Services

Refund Planning

Refund Planning

 Refund planning can make and/or save you thousands in the long run. Don’t give the government your hard-earned money! 

Amended Returns

Amended Returns

You may have filed your taxes incorrectly, we can work together to amend the returns and save you some money.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital

If you’re pursuing an entrepreneurial venture, we are interested in hearing about your idea.

Beware of Scams

The rise of people doing their taxes on their own, independent of a tax professional, has produced unscrupulous scam artists that are taking advantage of their naivete. These scammers are making intimidating phone calls and sending emails and/or letters in the mail to clients asking them to pay ungodly sums of money – and many people are actually paying them. The immigrant, the elderly, and the youth are especially vulnerable, but it can happen to all people.

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