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Our Referral Program

When a “Thank You” Is Not Good Enough!

Educated consumers say the absolute best way to determine if a product or service is worthy of patronage is to ask its clients and they will advise you, accordingly. Ty Associates understands this phenomenon. We have been the greatest beneficiary of the word-of-mouth referral system – with one satisfied customer telling another and another about our financial services.

Thank you to those who have chosen to spread the word about us and continue to do so. We offer $250 for every new client referral!

Can you find it within your heart to go to the bottom-right of any of our webpages and give us an honest review of your experiences with us? It would be most appreciated.


Have referrals?

Eligibility Requirements & Information

  •  For referrals that are from states that offer no state taxes, the referral fee will be 50% or $125. These states are: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.  
  • To get your referral bonus, your referral must pay full price with absolutely no discounts.
  • To be eligible: You must be a current client in good standing. Good standing means you are current with your returns with no outstanding debts to us.
  • A new referral is a client who has no past business or financial history with us. This client must be willing to put it in writing before our financial transaction is complete that you, indeed, are the one who sent them. It should include your full name and it should be sent via email to and cc’d to; therefore, time-stamped. 
  • We will send your payment to you via direct deposit during the eligible referral period.
  • There are no residual referral fees and no carryover of new client referrals.
  • You must send a list of your new client referrals to us via email no earlier than April 15th through and no later than April 30th of each tax season; any violation disqualifies you from getting compensated. Send us one master list, not multiple emails, etc. Please send your list to and “cc” We will not pay off multiple times for the same referral, so we must compare your list to all others to make sure the correct person is being compensated. 
  • Your referral total is reduced by each person who doesn’t complete their business with us or who requires/requests a discount. For example: If you send us five new clients and four of them complete their business with us and one person cancels, is unable to file for low income, or changes their mind about preparing their taxes, etc., then your referral fee will be calculated as follows: 4-1=3 times $250 is $750.

Our referral program works much like a cashback program with a car dealership. Failure to follow these basic guidelines will automatically disqualify you from receiving your referral fee.

We understand that your name and reputation are on the line every time you refer or recommend a product or service to someone. At Ty Associates, we accept this challenge wholeheartedly. This referral page has been created to show you how you can benefit from your referrals. Multiple revenue streams is  the name of the game.

Note: A great source of referrals can come from creating a group text of your friends and family that you think would benefit from our services. You create one message for about 20 people at a time. Just think 20 times $250 would equate to about $5,000. 

May god continue to bless you and your family.


For more information about how we can work together, please call our office at 914-667-4660, or get in touch.

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